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Discover Bonda’s magic

Discover Bonda’s magic – Descubre la magia de Bonda (en español)

Descubre la magia de Bonda-vivecaribe-05Only 30 minutes from the center of Santa Marta, on the road that leads to the department of La Guajira, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada is the village of Bonda, named after the bondiguas, Tayrona Indians who inhabited the area some centuries ago.Descubre la magia de Bonda-vivecaribe-01Bonda is recognized for its majestic fauna and flora, in its paths, surrounded by mountains, nature is a participant with its majesty and beauty.Descubre la magia de Bonda-vivecaribe-02The area is crossed by the Manzanares River which with its crystal clear waters and waterfalls offer an excellent option to enjoy it.Descubre la magia de Bonda-vivecaribe-06Among the activities that we can do in Bonda and its paths, are hiking, agrotourism, bird watching, visits to the chocolate farm where chocolate is made in an artisanal way with organic cocoa crops, visit to the Caoba natural reserve where we can find fauna and flora of the region, as well as vestiges of the Tayrona culture.Descubre la magia de Bonda-vivecaribe-03Among the remains that we find in the region, it is worth highlighting the DONAMA stone located near the town of Bonda, which has carved petroglyphs in low relief which until now have not been deciphered.

Descubre la magia de Bonda-vivecaribe-13Also, we can find accommodation offers such as hotels, recreation farms, family houses, where you can share the customs and culture of the inhabitants of the region.Descubre la magia de Bonda-vivecaribe-04Among the hotels we highlight Sierra San Juan Ecolodge, Reserva Caoba, Sierra Limón Tourist Farm, Carpediem Hostel, San Pablo Rural Hotel located in the Paso del Mango Village, also tourist farms such as Seynekun and Sierra Azul located in the Masinga Village very close to the town.Descubre la magia de Bonda-vivecaribe-07Accommodation prices at these sites range between COP $50.000 Colombian pesos ($20US), and COP $250.000 Colombian pesos ($100US), depending on the services offered.Descubre la magia de Bonda-vivecaribe-11Bonda is an excellent tourist destination for all those who wish to enjoy nature in a healthy and responsible way, where the experience and enjoyment of it prevail in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

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